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We have the know-how.
We have the technology.
We know the processes.


Better Plants R&D is an independent research, development and service institute for crop production under controlled conditions (CEA, Controlled Environment Agriculture). We research and develop market solutions for modern plant cultivation. In doing so, we enable economically and ecologically optimised systems and processes for a new generation of plant production sites in the food and health industries.


Our planet is changing. More and more people are claiming dwindling resources.

Our planet is changing. More and more people are claiming dwindling resources. Research and technological progress are opening up completely new potentials and production concepts for crops of all kinds. Responsible management of our biosphere requires a fundamental knowledge of technology, natural cycles, processes and systems. Where whole swaths of land are still being destroyed by monocultures and poisons today, nature could soon recover. We have the technology. We know the processes. It is in our hands alone to make a difference. Through our work, we aim to help visionaries, entrepreneurs, farmers, businesses and governments turn good intentions into measurable results and vibrant, sustainable industries.

Business Areas

Better Plants R&D works at the interface between academic research and commercial or industrial implementation.

  1. Plant and Light Laboratory

    • Research and development on the topic of crop production under controlled conditions (CEA)
    • Process development and optimization in the CEA area
    • Services in the CEA area
    • Optimization of ingredients and other properties of plants - Growth studies
    • Analytics, Light Measurement
  2. Networking and Consulting

    • Consulting for industry and horticulture
    • Expertise und Matchmaking
    • Innovation platform for Controlled Environment Agriculture
  3. Academic research projects

    • Cooperation with colleges and universities
    • Studies and product development
    • Mentoring


We advise a wide range of industries/organisations, offer laboratory services and develop/optimise processes and products for CEA applications.

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • Vertical/Urban Farming
  • Plant related data acquisition and processing (machine vision/machine learning)
  • Phytopharmaceuticals (cannabis industry in particular; existing THC license).
  • Plant genetics and technology
  • Product development
  • Photonics
  • Micro-/nanotechnology and sensors
  • Future Technologies :-)


We attach great importance to a close and cooperative partnership in which the enjoyment of the joint project is of particular importance.

In most cases we work under confidentiality. All the more we thank the following partners who allow us to mention them here as a reference.

David Schmidmayr | founder and CEO

Better Plants R&D develops concepts and solutions for a new and better way of plant production under controlled conditions.

At the Klarenbrunn factory, Bludenz, Austria, we are researching concepts and solutions for a new and better way of growing plants. David Schmidmayr studied mechatronics at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, where he also worked as a research assistant at the FHV's Microtechnology Research Centre. In his private life, David Schmidmayr is a musician and rocks his guitars at least as passionately as he rocks his calculator in the lab. Bonsai art is another bar in the symphony of his life.

Speaker Activities

Startup-Stube FHV 2017 | Skyberries Conference Vienna 2018 | Skyberries Summerschool Workshop Leader 2018 | InterActive West 2019 | TechTalk 2022 | Millenium Innovation Days 2022


Whether you just want to say Hello or urgently want to increase your vertical farm yield by 20 percent, we're eager to hear your story and see how we can grow together.

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